Green building area

In line with Taiwan's green building materials indicators: ecological, health, regeneration, soundproof, permeable and energy-saving glass and other six green building materials manufacturers.
Comply with EEWH Taiwan Green Building Mark: Nine indicators such as biodiversity, greening, base water conservation, daily energy conservation, carbon dioxide reduction, waste reduction, indoor environment, water resources, sewage and garbage improvement, or subtractive green building, green building construction method Technology Exchange.

i smart technology equipment area

It is in line with the monitoring, material supply and construction of the eight intelligent building indicators such as integrated wiring, information and communication, system integration, facility management, safety and disaster prevention, health and comfort, intimate convenience and energy conservation management announced by the Taiwan Construction Center.

Air pollution control area

Air quality and PM2.5 clean area: Outdoor air quality and indoor air quality pollution problems, such as PM2.5 and VOCs, such as health, air detection, Ai intelligent monitoring, clean ventilation and filtration, intelligent health air conditioning, healthy low The provision of solutions for bulk materials, high-tech decomposition materials technology and air pollution improvement and services.

Instrument detection diagnostic area

Building model technology such as VR/AR/MR, BIM building information model, digital information engineering, system, technology and other software to support life cycle management or building information model of building environment, parametric building geometry model software and hardware supplier , supply technology, etc.
Detection and inspection techniques and equipment manufacturers for SBS or sickness-related diseases such as sick buildings.
Air pollution improvement information station.

Comprehensive building area

All kinds of building structures, materials, indoor and outdoor decoration building materials, decorative building materials; related hand tools, hardware tools and other equipment for architectural design.